Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair transplant is a well-known hair loss treatment approved internationally for natural hair restoration. It uses “micro-grafts” that are specially harvested from the patient’s own hair, thus enabling minimal side effects and almost zero downtime. If you follow our stem cell hair transplant programme, visible results can be seen in 2 months. We, at The Hair Transplant Malaysia, will help you regrow your hair and provide effective treatments to your scalp as well. Your hair is our top priority.

Speak to us for a personalized consultation with our specialists to solve your hair loss problem. Do not delay any more. The quicker you address your hair loss problem, the more optimum results you will get.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Injection

What Problems Does Stem Cell Hair Transplant Solve?

Androgenic hair loss is very common in men and women nowadays. The hair becomes finer and sheds earlier too. This results in thinning hair and leads eventually to balding patches on the scalp. Stem cell hair transplant treats the root causes of your hair loss problem and it stimulates your hair follicles. It enables your hair to grow stronger and healthier. It stimulates high levels of growth factors to sustain your hair strength and hair density and reverses the appearance of baldness with longer lasting results.

Our doctors will evaluate if you are suitable for stem cell hair transplant during consultation. Both men and women with mild or early hair loss will benefit the most. Our specialists at The Hair Transplant Malaysia recommend that you seek earlier treatment for your hair loss problem. Speak to us today to regain your hair.

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Stem Cell Hair Transplant Before After Top Head
Stem Cell Hair Transplant Results Women
Stem Cell Hair Transplant Before After

Benefits of Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair transplant, widely known in Malaysia, helps to reverse hair loss problems for men and women. Stem cells are cells found on the scalp. The main function of stem cells is to replace or regenerate cells that are damaged or dead. By injecting the concentrated stem cells onto the scalp, the stem cells can regenerate hair follicles that are damaged. The other benefits include:-

  • helps hair follicles to become healthy and strong
  • strengthens existing hair
  • promotes natural hair growth
  • safe and non-invasive treatment
  • positive and effective results within 2 months
  • a sure proven solution to hair loss

Stop your hair loss today. We, at The Hair Transplant Malaysia, can help you to solve your hair loss problems. Contact us now.

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Procedure for Stem Cell Hair Transplant

There are 4 important steps to follow. These are:-

1. Assessment and preprocedural investigations.

a) consultation with our doctors

b) gather health information and data

2. Examinations and investigations

a) blood screening and urine test

b) ECG – cardiac assessment

c) Lungs check – spirometry

d) Ultrasound scan

e) Bone densitometer

3. Priming for stem cell transplant

4. Stem cell infusion – deployment of stem cells and growth factors

Firstly, our highly experienced and qualified aesthetic doctor will have a thorough examination of the patient’s scalp using a hair microscope to check for healthy hair follicles. Our doctor will then gently and patiently harvest the healthy hair follicles in a 2mm area for the patient’s scalp without bleeding or discomfort. Anaesthesia using a numb cream is applied for a more comfortable experience.

Next, the hair follicles are placed into a high-tech machine to filter and harvest the concentrated stem cells. Then the processed stem cells are injected into the balding area with the finest needles to minimize discomfort. Stem cell hair transplant will promote the stimulation of new hair cells. They help in growing new follicles, thus new hair, when transplanted onto the scalp. This transplant not only helps to fight hair loss but also improves the quality and texture of the hair.

Patients will see improvements on the thickness and density of the existing hair. There is visible growth of new hair follicles in the first month itself. Advisable to come back for a follow-up treatment about 14 days after the first session. Our doctors will need to check on your progress to ensure everything is going well.

Consult us for your hair loss problems today. We can help you to regrow your hair. Contact us now by clicking on the button below.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Procedure Picture
Stem Cell Hair Transplant Process Picture

Precautions To Take After Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Listed below are the precautions to take after stem cell hair transplant:-


  • avoid touching the treated area with your fingers unnecessarily for the first day
  • as hair growth injections are involved, avoid swimming for the next 3 days after the treatment to prevent infection from dirty water
  • avoid travelling within 1 week after the treatment
  • patients may shampoo as usual after the first few days
  • painkillers are usually unnecessary

Side Effects of Stem Cell Hair Transplant

The following are the side effects of stem cell hair transplant:-

  • The side effects are subjected to an individual’s body reaction. Some patients may feel feverish or tired. So you are advised not to travel after treatment within a week.
  • There are minimal or no side effects in the majority of patients as the stem cells used are taken from the patient’s own body.
  • There is no adverse effect or reaction.
  • There is no pain, no swelling and no bleeding.
  • There is no downtime and some patients can even resume their daily routine after their treatment.

Consult us today to help solve your hair loss problem. Stem cell hair transplant is perfectly safe and highly effective in regaining your hair. Contact us now by clicking on the button below.

 Stem Cell Hair Transplant – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is stem cell hair transplant?

Stem cell hair transplant uses your own stem cells to help you regrow your hair with longer lasting results which can be seen within 2 months of treatment.


2. Is the procedure safe?

Yes. We do a number of assessments and tests to ensure that our patients are suitable for this kind of hair transplant.


3. What specific problems can this treatment solve?

It is most effective for stopping and preventing hair thinning, hair shedding and baldness for both men and women.


4. Is the treatment painful?

Hardly any pain. The doctor will use anaesthesia in the form of an effective numbing cream to apply onto your scalp to make you more comfortable.


5. When can I see the results?

We assure you that there will be visible results within 2 months after your treatment.


6. Is there any downtime after the treatment?

This will depend on the individual’s body reaction. Some patients may feverish or tired. The majority of the patients feel no side effects as the stem cells used are taken from their own body.


7. Any precautions to take after the treatment?

Avoid touching the treated area with your fingers for the first day to prevent infection. Avoid swimming for the next 3 days to prevent infection too. Lastly, avoid travelling for a week after treatment.


8. May I know the cost of the treatment?

Do consult our specialists who will give you a reasonable and affordable quotation.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant – Clients’ Reviews

Suffering from thinning hair for a couple of years. Happened to view the website of The Hair Transplant Malaysia a few months ago. Booked an appointment and consulted their specialist. Undergone a stem cell hair transplant. What a relief! My hair is now thicker, stronger and fuller. Thanks!

Shaun L.

Got my money’s worth. Guys – just look at my glossy, shiny and full head of blessed hair. Before treatment, I was almost a “botak” (bald). Now, nobody can call me that anymore. Wow! Stem cell hair transplant really works. Thanks to the doctors at The Hair Transplant Malaysia. 

Aw Yong

Followed the doctor’s advice. Went through the whole programme of stem cell hair transplant. Followed consistently all the precautions to take after the treatment. Worth all the efforts taken. Very thankful to the doctor. I have my hair back again.

Philip E.

Unbelievably amazing results! Beyond my expectations. Very very happy with my stem cell hair transplant. I look younger and more energetic for my age. Miraculous. Thank you.

Marco T.