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Theradome Laser uses an advanced helmet utilizing laser technology to help the regrowth of hair. Using low-level laser light, the helmet beams 51 red laser and LED lights to strengthen and re-energize the cells, stimulating growth of hair. Theradome Laser is the world’s most advanced laser hair growth device which you can use anytime and anywhere at your convenience. This laser light targets the stem cells at the base of your hair follicles, restoring your hair to a healthy state. It helps to slow down or completely stop hair loss, thicken existing hair follicles and help to regrow new hair without the need for surgery, prescription or medication. This treatment is suitable for both men and women.

We offer hair transplant service Malaysia to fight your hair loss problem. Book an appointment with us for a personalized consultation with our doctors or specialist for your hair loss treatment.

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What Problems Can Theradome Laser Solve?

The average Malaysian men and women usually shed between 50-100 hair daily. However, this is a small amount and is hardly noticeable. Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from excessive hair loss and balding known as alopecia which leaves ugly and unsightly large bald patches on the scalp. This condition damages the follicle cells causing the hair to become progressively thinner and thinner until the hair follicles eventually die and are unable to ever grow again.

Theradome Laser uses revolutionary laser therapy to help you stop your hair loss problem. This laser therapy, now a growing trend, uses low-level lasers to increase blood flow in the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles with minimal side effects and positive growth results. Theradome Laser treatment will stimulate new hair growth and at the same time repair problematic scalp for both men and women.

This is a non-surgical, non-invasive, perfectly safe and greatly effective method to stop hair loss and grow new hair. The Theradome helmet is light, portable and cordless. This is most convenient and suitable to use for today’s hectic lifestyle as you can use it anywhere and at anytime.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your hair loss problem. Stop your hair loss today. We are here to help you.

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Benefits of Theradome Laser

Theradome Laser hair treatment will stimulate new hair growth and repair problematic scalp for both men and women. The other benefits include the following:-

  • experience new hair growth
  • double the follicle diameter of existing hair
  • reverse the process of thinning hair
  • reverse the process of hair shedding (hair loss)
  • slow down and stop hair loss
  • painless and safe – non-surgical, no medication needed
  • comfortable and easy to use
  • lightweight and cordless, movable and portable
  • suitable for today’s hectic lifestyle – with headphones attached to the Theradome helmet – can relax and enjoy listening to music and songs during treatment
  • only 20 minutes of treatment needed
  • convenient to use anywhere and at anytime

We are here to help you stop your hair loss problem. Consult our specialist who will help you restore your hair.

Theradome Laser Benefits
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The Procedure of Theradome Laser

Theradome Laser has fused science, technology and medicine to solve the hair loss problem for both men and women. Theradome uses cool laser phototherapy to regrow hair with no Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) for best results. Lasers have high energy density to stimulate hair follicles deep within the scalp that LEDs lack. Low-level photons irradiate the entire scalp tissues increasing microcirculation of blood supply to the hair follicles. The laser beam light will stimulate the scalp, significantly increasing the number of red corpuscles which deliver life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb. The photons are absorbed by the weak cells to encourage hair growth.

The consistent use of Theradome Laser can effectively prevent hair loss, eventually stimulate hair follicles to grow thicker, fuller, healthier and even more pigmented. The cordless Theradome hair helmet harnesses the power of red laser light with the click of a button in the comfort of your home. The potent coherent laser light of 680nm wavelengths ensures hair growth. You only need to spend 20 minutes for the laser light to reach the base of your hair follicles. Theradome helmet is easy to use, lightweight and cordless. This is the best solution for hair loss. Wear the helmet for 20 minutes once every 2 days for a period of 4 to 6 months. New hair growth is seen and experienced from 4 to 6 months after using Theradome Laser with consistency. The Theradome helmet comes with headphones to enable you to enjoy your favourite music and songs while relaxing during the treatment. The period of treatment may vary depending on the condition of your scalp. It is advisable to consult our specialist for a recommended cycle using this Theradome helmet for optimum results.

Stop your hair loss today. We can help you to restore your hair. Just consult our doctors today.

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Side Effects of Theradome Laser

There are almost no side effects. This therapy is non-surgical, non-invasive, painless and completely safe to use. There is no downtime at all. All patients can return to their normal daily routine immediately after the Theradome Laser treatment as the Theradome helmet is lightweight, movable and portable.

Theradome Laser

– Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Theradome Laser helmet safe?

Perfectly safe. The Theradome Laser helmet uses low-level laser light which fully complies with the standards for laser safety.


2. Who are suitable for this therapy?

Theradome Laser helmet is designed to treat baldness in both men and women. It can also treat thinning hair and hair loss problems caused by a hereditary condition.


3. How effective is this therapy?

Most effective in reversing the process of hair thinning, reversing the process of hair shedding and lastly you will experience new hair growth as well.


4. How long does the procedure take?

You only spend 20 minutes wearing the Theradome helmet to ensure the laser light reaches the base of your hair follicles.


5. Is there a need for any anaesthesia?

No anaesthesia is needed in the procedure at all.


6. Is there any pain or downtime?

No pain during the procedure and no downtime after the procedure.


7. When can I see the results?

New hair growth is seen from 4 to 6 months after using Theradome Laser with consistency.


8. How much does it cost?

It is affordable and less costly than other hair transplant treatments.

Theradome Laser – Clients’ Reviews


I chose Theradome Laser to stop my hair loss. Most convenient, easy-way-out option for me. I can do it at home, at my own leisure and no downtime. This suits me fine as I can go back to work immediattely. It suits my pocket too as it is more affordable. Thank you, The Hair Transplant Malaysia! 


I managed to regain my hair. Thanks to Theradome Laser. The treatment fits into my busy, hectic lifestyle. Got good, satisfying and quick results. Fits into my work-life balance. Thanks to the doctors at The Hair Transplant Malaysia.

Malcolm L.

Have been searching for an affordable and safe hair loss treatment for years. Finally decided to choose Theardome Laser as recommended by the doctors at The Hair Transplant Malaysia. Very revolutionary, relaxing and stress-free method in strengthening my hair. Treatment is done while enjoying my favourite music, soothing all my fears away. Good job and wise choice. 

Francis T.

Always paranoid about needles and surgery. Surprisingly, Theradome Laser is perfectly safe. No pain, no injuries, no cuts, no wounds, no anaesthesia and no chemicals. Wonderful and miraculous. Happy over the results. Thanks!